This article lists all the source ports available for Redneck Rampage.

Current[edit | edit source]

Reversed engineered ports based on code from the progenitor Duke Nukem 3D.

RedneckGDX[edit | edit source]

A port of the game based on libGDX for the Java Runtime Environment; part of the broader BuildGDX framework.


Rednukem[edit | edit source]

A port of the game based on EDuke32 code; retains support for Duke Nukem 3D and also supports Duke Nukem 64.


Historical[edit | edit source]

Prior to the emergence of reverse engineered ports, other approaches were taken to modernize the game. The official re-release on still uses a specialized Dosbox wrapper.

eRampage[edit | edit source]

A total conversion mod recreation of the game for EDuke32 and Duke Nukem 3D.


RRSetup[edit | edit source]

Modified version of Dosbox designed to aid running the original DOS version on modern Windows.


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